The objective of the Demand Research product from Digital Islands is to accelerate the success of companies targeting new market opportunities in the UK. By working with us to conduct this very particular kind of market research, companies will gain clear and actionable insights into the market opportunity, a clear evaluation of the potential customers, a methodology for reaching those customers, providing a blueprint for market entry.

The proposed outputs of this project include the following:

  • Robust evaluation and analysis of the target sector in the UK
  • Identification of target customers in the UK
  • Identification of key contacts and decision makers in these companies
  • An assessment of the level of product / service interest, through targeted interviews, with a sample of contacts identified
  • Testing of value proposition, if appropriate.


Step 1: Checklist

  • Are you entering the UK for the first time, or launching a new product or service into the UK?
  • Are you an SME with ambitions to grow your business in the UK?
  • Have you identified the resources required to invest in expanding the business in to the UK?
  • Have you set objectives for what success will look like?
  • Do you understand it can take 12 to 24 months before you see a return on your investment to secure business in the UK?
  • Do you have a profile of the target customer, or target sector for the UK?
  • Do you know which part of the UK you want to target?


Step 2: Call Digital Islands

Digital Islands is well equipped to conduct this project on your behalf. Give Gavin McWhirter at Digital Islands a call on +44 (0)773 6060230 and we can help you to define the objectives, and help answer any questions you may have.


Step 3: Research Brief

Together with Digital Islands, we will agree a Research Brief. This should include details of the outputs to be achieved, including:

  • Nature of the research to be conducted, including the sector or sub-sectors to be included
  • How analysis of the market should be segmented
  • Format of target customer interviews
  • Number of interviews to be held
  • Type and Number of contacts to be identified
  • Geographical market(s) to be covered (e.g. England, Wales and Scotland)
  • Follow-up activity to be included
  • Further recommendations
  • Costs
  • Timings
  • Report format


Step 4: Commence Project

On approval of the research brief and costing proposal, a payment schedule will be agreed.

Eligible companies can apply for support from their local enterprise agency, for example Enterprise Ireland provides financial support for demand research through the Business Links Grant. If you are an Enterprise Ireland client company, you should discuss this option with your advisor. You can find their contact details here