Jes is the founder of Crowdfund 360, an award winning crowdfunding consultancy specialising in helping businesses reach and surpass their crowdfunding targets and grow their businesses.

Key Areas of Crowdfunding Expertise:

• Planning a crowdfunding campaign from start to finish

• The psychology behind successful crowdfunding campaigns Storytelling

• Community building

• Communications (email, social media, PR, offline)

• How to bring strategy, creative content and psychology together

As a tenacious and creative marketing and business development specialist, Jes has found a niche in the area of Crowdfunding. Jes has developed in-depth experience supporting SMEs, Not for profits, Charities, Community and startups across multiple sectors. Whether to support the launch of a new product or to launch a new business, crowdfunding can be the right option for many, if done well.

Relevant Experience

• 3 years running Crowdfund 360

• 60+ campaigns completed from start to finish

• 83% success rate of clients surpassing their financial goals (compared to 21% UK industry standard generally)

• Previous experience working at a crowdfunding platform

• Unbiased approach and good relationships with all major crowdfunding platforms

• Workshops delivered in more than 12 countries

• Workshops delivered for UN, European Commission, Swiss Embassy, Red Bull

• Crowdfundiing expertise has been used by Al Jazeera, BBC, Nesta, UK Fundraising, Third Sector

Jes has developed over 30 templates that can be downloads to support clients during the planning and execution of a crowdfunding project. Her model of support includes the provision of practical tips for each day of the live campaign, as well as access to a new analysis tool. Jes has authored ‘The 6 key steps of crowdfunding’, delivered in an online training course

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Leadership can be learned

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How to get PR for your business (Oct 2020)

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Why you need to know about SEO (Nov 2020)

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