• Ambitious Irish companies are being encouraged to act now and broaden their export horizons beyond the UK.
  • With Brexit talks dragging, uncertainty remains around the terms of the final deal and the impact this will have on trade.

Digital Islands and Kinetic Cubed have joined forces to provide Irish companies with an in-depth market intelligence service that will compare three European markets, and identify where the best opportunities are for individual companies.

Lack of market information was highlighted by nearly a quarter of businesses as a major challenge in entering a new Eurozone market, according to a recent Enterprise Ireland survey of Irish companies.

“Having robust and insightful market intelligence that is specific to your company is key to success in entering a new market,” said Tony Aggarwal, CEO of Kinetic Cubed. “This new service will look at and compare three European markets, and identify the one that has the greatest level of market opportunity for your product or service.”

“This level of market intelligence enables a company to focus export growth efforts on the geography where there is real potential, and not dilute that effort by attempting to sell into several new markets at the same time, or wasting time in a market where there are higher barriers to entry.“

“There are plenty of organisations that can provide you with a high level overview of a foreign market, or you can just find that kind of thing online. It is that next level of insight on the specific market opportunity for your business which is often harder to find, but this what we do best,” said Aggarwal.

The UK continues to be a vital trading partner for Ireland as the single largest export market for Irish owned businesses, and regardless of how the Brexit talks turn out, it will remain incredibly important.  Digital Islands was founded earlier this year by Gavin McWhirter, who brings ten years experience of supporting Irish companies develop exports in the UK.

“When deciding where to focus efforts for exporting, companies shouldn’t completely discount the UK. All of the factors that have contributed making the UK such a strong export market for Irish companies in the past, remain the same,” said McWhirter.

This new service is designed to help companies make the right decisions on exporting, whether looking to grow in to Eurozone nations, or in to the UK. information sessions have been organised in Dublin on 10th and 11th January 2018 for individual companies to have a one to one discussion about their challenges in expanding their exports into other European markets. A limited number of places can be booked here.

In the wake of the decision by Britain to leave the EU, Enterprise Ireland has set an ambitious target for the growth of Irish exports into the Eurozone, aiming to grow them by 50% by 2020, and is supporting its client companies to Be Prepared for Brexit. This new service from Digital Islands and Kinetic Cubed was launched after An Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation endorsed Enterprise Ireland’s ambitious target to increase Irish exports to the Eurozone, and said “The Government, through Enterprise Ireland, is working to deliver a stronger, more diversified indigenous export sector with an expanded footprint in the Eurozone area…”

Kinetic Cubed has experience of providing expert market intelligence for hundreds of companies, taking businesses from Europe and North America all over the world.