Why join this webinar?

Leadership is more than a title or rank. Leadership is the actions you take and the impact you create for your business and those who work with you. Leadership is an interlocking set of skills and behaviours – some of which you’ll find more natural to adopt and grow than others. Come learn some core leadership lessons the easier way. In this session, you will be given some tools and tricks to think about your own leadership and the impact you want to create. Whether you’re an employee of one, a leader with many hats, or you have a growing team you want to develop and retain, leadership is most certainly a skill you can learn and develop. 

What you’ll get from the session:

  • A better understanding of what leadership means for small business owners and lessons others have already learned 

  • Practical tools to become more conscious and therefore more in control of your leadership and the impact it creates for you, your business, and others

  • Time to think and put into practice some of these new ideas so you’re ready to try them out back in your workplace 

Come prepared to get involved, to share, and to think a bit differently.

Webinar Presenter:

Samantha Woolven

Working with tried and tested tools, Sam is able to tailor her approach to suit the personality and ambitions of each and every client. Her aim is to provoke open conversation and help people think differently. She is experienced at designing and delivering highly interactive and immersive...

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