Business support for Big

If you’re an ambitious business owner with great ideas of how your company could grow over the next couple of years and in need of business support, then we’d love to help.

We are ready to work with business owners who are open to adapting, improving and growing. We have assembled a team of 14 specialists who are available to help your business, without cost to you. 

Sound good? The starting point is to run through our Rapid Business Assessment – you can do it now. It takes less than 5 minutes and is all completed online – right here

We are looking for ambitious business owners, those that know there’s solid growth potential in what they are doing, but… perhaps need a nudge to find the right way to achieve it. 

We are offering:

  • A rapid business assessment that provides recommendations and advice (for free)
  • Support to develop a growth plan
  • 1-to-1 business support from one or more of our specialists

It’s all fully funded… (to be clear, that means free)  

We have worked hard to keep the administration and forms to a minimum. We will take care of that side of things, so you can focus on growing the business. 

If you’re interested, step one is to book at 30 minute meeting using the link below, or take our Rapid Business Assessment (takes 3-5 minutes) which you can do online by clicking here

Join our FREE webinars.

Be inspired, feel the energy, and learn from experts to help your business thrive.

Leadership can be learned

Leadership can be learned

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How to get PR for your business (Oct 2020)

How to get PR for your business (Oct 2020)

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Why you need to know about SEO (Nov 2020)

Why you need to know about SEO (Nov 2020)

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